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The Finale

The most anticipated garifuna album of all times is finally here. Said to be his last, Aziaitic

began working on -the finale- on march 7th, 2005. Though he recorded well over 40 songs,

10 songs were strategically chosen to be put on the album. " I didn't want to put songs

on the album just because it had been recorded. I had to make sure that each song went

with the other. I didn't want to just make a good song, but rather make a great album."

says Aziatic. "The album is very musical." Aziatic went on to say " Recording an album is

not only about filling up the album with your voice, but allowing the instruments the opportunity

to create emotions within the song." -the finale- is a portal to the future of Belizean music. In

an industry where most artist take advantage of what is in at that particular moment by

recreating the same sound that the other artist may be doing, Aziatic steps outside the box and does

it his way. -the finale- in all aspects is in a class of it's own. As to whether this is truly Aziatic's

final performance, all evidence points to "yes", however "jam96x" was a grand opening,

-the finale- is undisputedly the grand closing.

Please click here to listen to audio sample of this album

  1. Jump off
  2. Punta montage II
  3. Punta pop
  4. Gumurugu weyu
  5. Sandi
  6. Blue konkas
  7. Figiyabu
  8. Sleepless night
  9. Donít do dat
  10. Go

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About Aziatic
For many months, the idea of interviewing our artist was only that, an idea that thanks to the collaboration of many people, today is now possible and it can be read by our thousands of visitors.

Feel free to make suggestions and send us names of artists that you would like to be interviewed. We want to expose our public to the life of our musicians and artist in general.

This is an exclusive one on one interview with the one and only Aziatic, Punta Rock Artist.

Q How long have you been performing?

A I would say that I have been performing for a long time, when I say a long time, I mean since I was in Dangriga, doing plays and what not, but as far as performances as what I'm doing now, when I was in Junior High, I did a lot of shows when they had assemblies, I was given the freedom to do whatever I wanted, I was in choir, in big elaborate stage performances in Junior High that no one else was doing. I guess because the music teachers always supported me, so I used to go to my music teachers and talk to the principal and ask to do the assemblies. I would do a Michael Jackson song, and have background singers, lights and I used to go all out with it. I was doing things like that since junior high; this was around 88-89.

Q At what age were you aware of your talent?

A In Belize , I did a lot of school plays and singing rows. It wasn't until I was forced to do a play down in a Catholic school, Nativity: they wrote something for me to sing and I did it, I couldn't believe it, everyone was shocked, I was shocked myself but I was doing it. I was in about the sixth grade.

read more of the interview...


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