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Punta Dan
Punta Danger
CDclick here to listen to audio clip
Our Price: $13.97

About Punta Dan
Rafael Martinez Jr. (Punta Dan) was born on February 24 th 1978 in the beautiful Village of Sitte River. His parents are Rafeal Martinez Sr. of Hopkins Village and Myrtle Lambey. Rafael grew up in Cayo, Orange Walk, Seine Bight and the little village called San Jose Succotz. His dad was a Police Officer, so they moved around a lot and Rafael ended up going to Primary School in San Jose Succotz.

Rafael family was the only Black people in Succotz, but they were still loved. He graduated from primary school in 1991 and then shortly after attended Mt. Carmel High School In Benque Viejo Del Carmen. He attended that school for two years, then transferred to Mopan Technical High. He only spent one year at Mopan, then went back to Mount Carmel to finish his last year and graduated in 1995. Shortly after, Rafael migrated to the United States.

About The Music

The love for music, especially Punta Rock was always in Rafael heart. As a kid he loved watching bands play on stage. He remembered thinking to himself “men that looks awesome” just been up there with a mike in your hand just singing and people looking at you.

When Rafael was in Succotz, he remembered two best friends he had, Cesar Panti and Oscarito Martinez . They had their own band with pans, bucket covers and sticks. They would use wires, running it as if it was a real band. Rafael was the lead singer and his mike was a stick. They would perform and people would came out to watch. When Rafael came to the United States, he became serious with his music and hooked up with two cousins Aziatic and Big D . After months of hard work and dedication they released the album “Jam 96X” which became a big hit in Belize and the U.S. The album did well, but afterwards everyone went their separate ways. Big D went back to school, Aziatic went solo and Rafael went to another band.

On April 12, 2003, Rafael made his solo debut as "Punta Dan" at the Garifuna Street Festival in Los Angeles, California. His solo album "PUNTA DANGER" was also released on that day.


Homenaje a Polo Martinez - Sielpa
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Jam 96X The Album - Aziatic
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WCB Home Video
Garifuna Fest 2001 - Feel The Rythm (DVD Edition) - WCB Home Video
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Our Price: $23.97
You save: 4%


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