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You are viewing items by: Mr. Caribbean & Mago Wiz

Mr. Caribbean & Mago Wiz
Gran Impacto
Our Price: $13.97

About Mr. Caribbean & Mago Wiz
Mago Wiz (A. Solano) was born on April 1980 in Newark, New Jersey. He grew up in Quito, Ecuador till 1989 when he moved to Southern California.
By the age of 12, this young protégée was playing bass guitar, rhythm guitar and found a love with the early styles of Reggae music. “I recall that when I was 13, I was jammin’ in my older brother’s band and the older guys didn’t like me because I was ‘too young,’” says Alex. But that didn’t discourage him from playing music, in fact, by 18 he had been in countless recording sessions, live shows, and even got an exposure of Reggae’s influence in his hometown of Ecuador as well as Kingston, Jamaica. The Rastas of Reggae Foundation Inc. influenced his view on life through their meditation and philosophy. By the age of 21, Mago Wiz began to write in his native language as well as in English. At the university level he won first prize for the Night with the Stars talent show. Combining singing and Deejayin’ when Mago Wiz hooked up with Mr. Caribbean they were both on the verge of making history, and a gran impacto on the reggae scene.

Mr. Caribbean (J. Feliz) was born November of 1972. Raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic he had a love for reggae, salsa, merengue, and soca music. On the reggae scene he drew inspiration from artist like Beanie Man, Shabba Ranks, El General, Vico C, and countless more. In 1996 he was part of a merengue group called Kontrol in the city of Miami, Florida that lasted 2 years. Afterward, the energetic young man moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with dreams of still becoming a reggae artist he started Deejayin’ for clubs as well as radio stations such as 94.5 VFX. In 2001 he decided to follow his dreams and move to Southern California. He was in Club 2000 flowing on the mic and a producer known as “Wiz” introduced himself in attempts to record and work with him. From that point on they became associates to where they began to write and songs preparing for the album “Gran Impacto.”

The album Gran Impacto was created with the intention of incorporating various styles of Reggae music on one CD. You will find tracks in the Jamaican Dancehall genre such as “Me Tienes Loco,” “A ya yai,” “Un Deseo” as well as Roots and Lovers Rock such as “Leccion de Amor,” and “No War.” Besides the music, which was made with the intent to be danceable and innovative, it’s the lyrical content that makes Mr. Caribbean y Mago Wiz the unique figures in the Reggae scene. This Album is to be enjoyed from your nephews to the club, even to your parents—no matter what age they are.
Mr. Caribbean y Mago Wiz—Gran Impacto.


La Gran Tribu Garifuna
Un Homenage a La Gran Tribu Garifuna – Punta Original - La Gran Tribu Garifuna
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Our Price: $14.97
You save: 6%

Jam 96X The Album - Aziatic
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Our Price: $14.97
You save: 6%

WCB Home Video
Garifuna Fest 2001 - Feel The Rythm (DVD Edition) - WCB Home Video
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Our Price: $23.97
You save: 4%


I have enjoyed the site very much, the music and the videos that I have bought have been very helpful.

Angel Fuentes