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Aziatic Interview - Part II

By: Garinet

If you missed Part I of this interview, click here to read it

This is an exclusive one on one interview with the one and only Aziatic, Punta Rock Artist.


Part II

Get to know your artist inner thoughts...


“What separates my music is that I make music for the people”


Q Tell us more about your lyrics? Are they for instance based on your experiences?

A I try not to write songs based on my experiences so I can't really say. None of my songs are based on anything that I've gone through, but they are based on life experiences, not really my personal experiences. I witness people around me and I write about that. I might put myself mentally in a certain type of situation and I just write about it. I avoid writing about my personal life because I don't want people to think they know me too much.

Q What do your parents think about your career?

A My mom is always helping me; she helps me with a lot of songs. My mom really supports what I do; she records a song for me whenever I want to sing an old song. I just listen to it, and listen to it until I pick it up.

Q Have you ever or do you now experience stage panic? How do you handle it?

A I always experience stage panic, I always deal with it whenever I go on stage. I have to go to the bathroom, I always get scared, and I forget lyrics of the song. I never get over the fright. It actually works to my advantage. Now it's not as bad as it was. I still get scared but for the most part I'm good with it.

Q How is your talent helping your community?

A I'm hoping that through my music, I am helping the culture get some type of recognition, for the people to try to find out more about our culture. I feel everyone has to work hard. People may look at me and think it's easy, I make it seem really easy, but it's not. It is long nights, sore throats, and dedication. You have to be committed if you don't love it, don't do it.

Q Typically what is your reaction to your fans and public in general?

A I am very shy around people. I have a fear of crowd and a lot of people, that's why I don't go to concerts. Audience kind of make me nervous, I don't like meeting people: I don't because of the fact that I don't know what people really think. What's even scarier than that is that I'm scared that when people meet me what they thought of me will be gone.

Q What do you recommend to those that want to be like you?

A One thing I feel very strong about is that we, Garifuna artist, have to make sure we pronounce words correctly. Most young artists pronounce the words wrong. I have done that, but I try my best and try to call someone to help me out. Mr. Palacio helped me out a lot in my pronunciation.

Q What kind of impact has music made on your life?

A Music has definitely made me. It is kind of difficult, but it kind of helps me because whenever I'm in a situation I look forward to my music. As far as an impact it's hard to say.

Q Why do you keep going (performing)? or What keeps you in the music business?

A Everybody is in this world to do something and I feel that this is what I'm supposed to be doing. It was weird, I hate to say this but I really didn't like Punta. It just happened, I didn't want to speak Garifuna, but I guess people just hit me with it.

Q What are or have been the major difficulties you've encountered in the music field?

A Music was everything to me I was so excited, but I guess I was a little naïve to think that once I get into the music everyone would like me. I felt that after I did a record people just hated me; I didn't want to do it anymore. I felt that I was doing something that people could enjoy, but yet they hated me for it. A punta rock super star told me that one reason why people might hate on you might be because you just came out of nowhere and made it to the top, where a lot of people work really hard to get where they are. I would always be watching T.V and just started thinking of a song. The “Rebirth” is named after the fact that I was not willing to do music anymore, I was depressed.

Stay tuned for Part III

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